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Abraham Lincoln Has Been Posthumously #Cancelled For Inventing Thanksgiving

By Mark Hubertus | National News |

To discourage Thanksgiving get-togethers, President-elect Joe Biden began a posthumous cancel campaign against Abraham Lincoln. On twitter, Biden said, “This Thursday, we should be grateful to have our families and friends. That’s why I’m #Cancelling Abe Lincoln - the creator of Thanksgiving. His holiday will kill thousand of people through the spread of the virus.”

Cancelling has become quite a common resort for the online world. Among people that have been cancelled before are Kanye West, Scooter Braun, and Ellen DeGenerous. Well, now we can add Honest Abe to that list!

Most people were supportive of Biden’s efforts - no more than 5 minutes after the tweet, #CancelAbeLincoln was trending on twitter. For now, it seems like Biden’s campaign against Lincoln has been effective. Abe has been #cancelled.

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