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After Long Day of Hard Work, Police Officer And Rioter Sit Down For A Break Together

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

As rioters stormed the capitol and January 6th and police officers attempted to ward them off, both parties had one thing in common: fatigue. The rioters simply weren't used to standing for long periods of time. One rioter, Johnny Ripson, who had traveled all the way from Alabama, brought a foldable chair with him, which he used whenever there was a "lull in the crowd." How innovative, Johnny!

Police officers were also found to be tired. Many officers found the process of moving aside barricades to let rioters into the capitol, to be a meticulous and tedious task; one that they were never trained for.

While January 6th was a divisive day, at 4pm, when a rioter sat down with an officer to "just, like, get away from all the chaos of modern-day America," we were all reminded of what this riot was really about: unity. At the end of the day, no matter anyone's beliefs, Americans can always come together, and sit on their asses. And what a beautiful sentiment that is.

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