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America Has Clinched First Place In COVID Cases. Good Going!

By Stephen Cheng |

Congratulations, U.S!

We haven't properly socially distanced, and that paired with the federal administration’s actions (or lack thereof), has led us to the highest number of CoronaVirus cases globally, since March 26, 2020. We are truly #1.

It was hard, it was grueling, but just look how far we’ve gotten. We are leaving the competition in the dust.

According to recent reports, the United States now has around 400,000 cases of coronavirus, which means we are doing almost 3 times as well as Spain, who comes in at 2nd place with a mere 140,000 cases. China, who had the privilege of a head start, has lagged behind in 6th place with only 80,000 cases.

I am proud to say that no country is as well coordinated and motivated as the United States in winning this race.

Truly, great work everyone. If we continue to push forward, we can further increase our lead. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

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