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Battle for Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona Rages On As Biden And Trump Play An Intense Game of Risk

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

About one week ago, two older men named Joe and Donald sat down for coffee in the same café, and as fate had it, began to speak to one another. At first, they made small talk: weather, wives, and the like. After thirty minutes or so, they stumbled upon an aged, withering shelf, hidden under layers of dust and disregard in the back of the coffeeshop. On the top of the shelf, Donald found an ancient board game with an aura of mystery and wonder. It was called Risk.

They opened the game, and unfolded a cardboard map. Joe chose blue pieces, and Donald chose red. The two spent hours, upon hours, upon hours, playing Risk, the infamous game of global domination. Donald captured China, Russia, and Germany, while Joe took Africa, France, and Canada. It was neck and neck. They started grabbing for states in America, and after night fell, it was down to a mere three states. Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona.

As the café audience watched their game of Risk, word spread, and after tweets and instagram livestreams, the whole world eventually heard word of Donald and Joe's little match! Now, America is just waiting on hand and foot for a winner to be called. This sure is entertaining!

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