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Beyoncé's Roast Chicken Recipe Receives 7 Grammy Nominations

By Anusha Veluri | Pop Culture |

So many citizens are absolutely scathing, at the recent release of Grammy nominations. From The Weeknd's snubs to Justin Bieber's nominations, people are just begging the Recording Academy to reconsider. But the one thing that both the Recording Academy and the general public can agree on, is Beyoncé's chicken recipe's superiority. Her roast chicken recipe, which she posted to Instagram in early June and submitted to the Grammy's for nomination consideration, has just charmed and wowed every single American! Julia Childs had this to say: "Her chicken recipe was simply music, to my tastebuds!" Ms. Childs, we at The Pasquinade could not agree more! Beyoncé's recipe ought to, unequivocally, win all of its categories. Congrats, Beyoncé!

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