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College Halloween Party Busted— Students Punished and Sent Home For "Basic and Overdone Costumes"

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

The Dean of University of New Jersey, Roger Sheeney, said in an exclusive statement to The Pasquinade, "Frankly, I'm offended. We at UNJ pride ourselves on our innovative, creative, and unique student body. Never in my life would I have imagined students would opt for such basic and overdone costumes. I mean seriously, come on. Skeletons? Boring!" We at The Pasquinade agree, Roger! So unimaginative!

As for COVID, University of New Jersey has stated that although the pandemic is unprecedented, it is just not their main concern. Dean Sheeney said, "Costumes are our main priority, right now. It's hard to think about anything else given the brevity of our Halloween situation. I mean, some costumes are just embarrassing. I saw some students on the quad dressed up as the different colors of M&Ms. The amount of times I have seen that done is simply insane! Expelled them on the spot."

Roger that, Roger! We at The Pasquinade send you our sympathies, we hope your students learn their lesson!

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