Denial: A New Possible Solution To COVID Crisis?

By Anusha Veluri |

Over these past few weeks, scientists have been ferociously racing to find a vaccine. Now we're wondering, is that really necessary?

Here at The Pasquinade, we recommend a solution that is cheap, imaginative, and pretty fun! Denial. Why endure this whole quarantine, social distancing, completely inconvenient hassle, when we can go back to normal? Let's deny the existence of a global, sometimes fatal pandemic, and do things the old way!

Wondering how exactly to deny? Think back the the good old days, when we all 'played pretend.' If you wanted, you could be a police officer, a dog, or even a dinosaur! Let's capitalize on those adolescent skills! As they say, once you learn, you never forget.

America, let's all play one big game of pretend, and beat this pandemic together. We've got this!