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Face Masks: The New Hot Trend?

By Anusha Veluri |

For some weird reason, face masks are all the rage! We aren't exactly sure why, but if you look out your window right now, you'll most likely see citizens roaming the streets with masks covering their noses and mouths. Apparently, it's the new thing! With all of this mask usage, America has deemed face masks a must-have accessory.

At The Pasquinade, we were a little confused as to why America has found a new, impassioned love for N95 respirators. They don't seem to be very stylish, and they don't come in many colors or sizes. But, America has spoken, and face masks are officially a trend. There's no stopping this! Face masks have actually reached an all time high popularity rate as of yesterday, April 3rd. In fact, face masks are so popular that we have created a global shortage of them! Woah there, America! They're not THAT hot. Chillax!

It was track suits in the 90s, low-rise jeans in the 2000s, tight jeans in the 2010s, and N95 respirators in 2020. Rock on! We at The Pasquinade have a good eye for things like this, and we will make sure to keep you updated as the hottest new trends arise. Stay tuned!

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