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Families Give Thanks For Megan Thee Stallion, A "Beam Of Light" Amid A Seemingly Despondent Year

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

2020 has taken a toll on everyone. So much so, that families have had a hard time expressing their usual gratitudes. Families can no longer express thanks for health, happiness, or sanity, because those things no longer exist in America. Deprived of content for Thanksgiving speeches, families have turned to the only remaining thing at they are thankful for this year: Megan Thee Stallion.

Apparently, Megan Thee Stallion has remained a beam of light in what has been a nightmare of a year for most. Many families no longer have access to bare necessities, but at least they have Megan Thee Stallion! According to our polls, 74% of American families mentioned Megan Thee Stallion in their pre-dinner Thanksgiving speeches, and 63% of those speeches were solely about Megan Thee Stallion and absolutely nothing else. Good going, America! We clearly have our priorities straight. And good going, Megan Thee Stallion! Keep on rockin'!

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