For The 2020-2021 School Year, Millburn BOE Announces New Plan For 'Virtual Lunch'

By Anusha Veluri | MHS |

Beginning in March, Millburn schools conducted virtual learning with all classes, even including physical education. Many things normally considered essential to school were necessarily missing, and arguably the most important, among those missing things, was lunch. The BOE has issued a statement claiming that if the next school year is virtual, lunch will be a sure addition to the school day.

Specifically at Millburn High School, Common Lunch is a quite necessary part of the day. It is a time dedicated to franticness. The forty minute lunch slot is full of students franticly finishing homework, frantically studying at the last second, frantically getting overdue email replies out of the way, and, sometimes, although rarely, eating lunch.

The Millburn Board of Education has recognized the gaping whole that a lack of communal, school-wide lunches causes, and has officially declared 'Google Meet', the new cafeteria. Rep. Jonathan Karp had this to say: "Essentially, it comes down to this. We want our students to feel like virtual school is synonymous with physical school, without the, well, physical school!"

Here, Karp guffaws, and continues after 20 seconds, "We believe that Millburn High-schoolers will feel more at home with virtual common lunch, and finish any last minute work in an allotted time, rather than random times throughout the day. And with virtual common lunch, students can see their usual lunch group, and collectively feed off of each others' stress like they used to! Or, in some cases, passive-aggressively argue about who is most stressed, taking into account extracurriculars, course load, parental pressure, and other factors. Basically, there's no denying that Common Lunch is a necessity, at this point."

Well, high-schoolers, although another year of virtual school would sure be a bummer, virtual Common Lunch is definitely something to look forward to. Keep your heads up!