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Friends In NYC Watch Love Is Blind And Later Decide To Walk Into Street Blindfolded To Find A Lover

By Anusha Veluri |

The new Netflix show 'Love Is Blind' is driving America crazy! The show is essentially an experiment; Can people find their soulmates without ever seeing them. The show's participants spoke to each other through walls, and eventually settled on one person to propose to and marry. This apparently created a very pure connection between couples, and made for great relationships!

Well, NYC residents Alyssa Bloom (23) and Kenzie Rider (21) were among the Americans that fell in love with this beautiful concept. They wanted to find a connection "As pure as Lauren and Cameron's." They weren't sure exactly how to carry out their dream, though. Kenzie told us that her and Alyssa contacted the producers of Love Is Blind, but they declined to hire the two for season 2.

What a bummer!

Well, don't worry, Kenzie and Alyssa didn't give up there. They decided the best way to make their dream a reality, was to walk onto the streets of NYC blindfolded. So, that is what they did! The girls called out to men passing by, asking them questions like, "What side of the bed do you want to take?" and "Do you like olives?" hoping for a response that would make them swoon.

Rock on, Alyssa and Kenzie!

Great plan, you may be thinking. Surprisingly and unfortunately, in the end, the plan did not work out. They were mugged and lost every last dollar they had. Their identities were stolen and they have now filed for bankruptcy.

Wow! Scary!

When we asked the girls how they felt in retrospect, Alyssa told us tearily, "Now we know what humanity is really like. I shouldn't have to fear for my life when I'm literally just going for a walk blindfolded outside my apartment. What a world we live in."

So true. Sorry girls, hopefully your Love Is Blind dream comes true one day!

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