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Kim and Taylor in New Face Off: Who Cares Less About Feud

By Anusha Veluri |

A recent tweet reignited beef between celebrity Kim Kardashian and singer Taylor Swift. The user posted a full, unedited video of Swift’s phone call with Kim’s husband Kanye, to which Kim was quick to respond.

She tweeted, “Not that I care, like I literally don’t care, like I couldn’t care less, because this whole situation is so pathetic, and like, we really do have bigger things to worry about, like I’m embarrassed to even be speaking on this, and I really don’t care, so yeah.”

Wow. Intense!

Swift responded quickly, with a shorter but equally as intense quip, “We do have bigger things to worry about, with this whole disease situation or whatever, and like I literally don’t care about this at all, like I am so above this, but yeah.”

This is insane! Emotions are high and blood is boiling during this intense, 280 character feud. Fans are frantic, and hopefully these two can work out who the more apathetic celebrity really is. Good luck to both of them!

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