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Lady Gaga Generously Sanctioned A Presidential Inauguration At One Of Her Concerts

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

Wednesday, January 20th, was an exceedingly important day in American history: the day of a stunning performance by Lady Gaga. Her concert was the thing people have looked forward to for years. In fact, leading up to the concert, many American citizens described January 20th as a day they predicted to be freeing, liberating, even political! Woah there, America, that's a little too far! But we at The Pasquinade do concur; Lady Gaga's January 20th concert was indeed iconic!

In addition to singing, many pop singers are known for bringing guest stars out on stage with them! Lady Gaga did follow this procedure at her Wednesday concert, with guest Joe Biden! We at The Pasquinade were a little surprised at her choice, because we have never heard of that singer! Our staff was expecting guest Ariana Grande, as we are very familiar with their hit collaboration, "Rain On Me." Regardless, Biden was a very kind, nice guest! But of course, utterly unimportant compared to Gaga's vocal performance.

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