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Lady Gaga Performance Sparks Second Capitol Riot As Fans Realize SHE Should Be President

By Mark Hubertus | National News |

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga gave a show-stopping performance at Biden’s inauguration with her distinctive rendition of the US National Anthem. Sporting an iconic Schiaparelli Haute Couture design with a voluminous red silk skirt and a dove-shaped golden brooch, Gaga gave a performance like no other. She easily outshined even the likes of Biden, Harris, the past presidents, and the other singers with her stage presence and audience support.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was an uproar of applause after Gaga’s legendary performance. In fact, Gaga had so much support from the crowd that rioting immediately broke out after she stopped singing: cell phones, chairs, and masks were all thrown at Biden throughout the remainder of the ceremony. Chants proclaiming “GAGA IN THE WHITE HOUSE, JOE IN THE DOGHOUSE” could be heard from miles away.

News about the events quickly spread on twitter, with @famemonster, a notorious Gaga stan account, tweeting, “ALL LITTLE MONSTERS TO THE CAPITOL BUILDING. THEY CAN’T STOP US ALL!”

The riots easily gained bipartisan support. Bernie Sanders tweeted, “My dear friend [Lady Gaga] would be a great president. I fully endorse a Capitol riot to ensure she takes office”.Caitlyn Bennett, a notorious conservative commentator known for pooping her pants at a college frat party, tweeted, “#GAGAFORPRES” and “#STORMTHECAPITOL”. Even Donald Trump, who refused to concede to Biden, issued a tweet using Ivanka Trump’s account, saying “I would concede my seat to Lady Gaga. I am in full support of a Capitol riot. #MAGA #GAGA”.

Minutes after the end of the inauguration, crowds of rioters once again were able to infiltrate the Capitol building to demand the immediate institution of Lady Gaga as POTUS. The insurrectionists faced little opposition from police officers, many of whom decided to join the riots. As of right now, the rioters have set up tents in the Capitol building and do not plan to leave until Gaga is declared President.

We at The Pasquinade normally do our best to remain neutral in situations like these. But when it comes to Gaga, we simply can't help ourselves. She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment.

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