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Local Karen Pledges to Name Future Dogs After 2020 Hurricanes

By Ashley Wang | Local News |

Shannon Brooks, whose middle name happens to be Karen, recently sparked controversy with a post on her lifestyle blog. While she typically focuses on food, posting about green smoothie recipes and bad experiences at ethnic restaurants, Brooks made a personal announcement last week. She revealed a promise to name all of her future dogs after this year's hurricanes, believing “this was the best way to show my support for recent victims of natural disaster. I mean, my blog gets hundreds of views every year, so like, why not spread awareness?”

Brooks was also one of the participants in a celebrity Instagram story chain a few months ago—she claims she made the original post and got all the Kardashians involved in tagging each other. The first post of the chain reads “#NukeTheHurricanes” on a blank background and urges the viewer to tag 10 other users. “You know, even though I don’t know the Kardashians personally, I think my message really resonated with them,” Brooks says. (Instagram data from the last 5 years has shown that the vast majority of users who participate in story chains are middle schoolers.)

When asked if she thinks she’s virtue signaling, Brooks asks, “What’s that?” It seems that she’s a lost cause. As of now, Atlantic hurricane season has brought us eight different hurricanes; we can only hope Shannon's precious puppies won't cause this much devastation.

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