Mayor Lieberberg Organizes Town-Wide Pool Party

By Mark Hubertus | Local News

In light of Governor Murphy’s recent decision to end quarantine, Mayor Jackie Lieberberg decided to celebrate with a party at the Municipal swimming pool last night.

On Twitter, Lieberberg wrote, “I can’t wait to hug and shake hands with each and every one of you at the party! There will be a huge buffet and plenty of porta potties for everyone, so bring your entire family! No masks required. (P.S. - There will be a conga line!)”

Thanks to the widespread advertising of the event online by multiple town officials and anti-vax Facebook groups, an estimated 15,000 people attended.

When we asked mother Stormi Sunsheyne why she brought her family to the event, she said, “why not? Governor Murphy said the quarantine is over, so it’s not like we can get the virus.”

Another mother, Ashley Tang, said she had “a lot of fun” and added, “it was great being able to hug all my friends! And the conga line was amazing. So many people joined in!”

It’s a shame that after such a fun event, Millburn received the tragic news that 10,000 new COVID-19 cases had been diagnosed among its residents. Local epidemiologists are currently researching what could have caused such a dramatic spike, but there have been no conclusive findings as of yet.