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MHS Cracks Down On Dress Code: Camera Angle May Not Reach Below Students' Collarbones

By Anusha Veluri | Local News |

Amid a virtual school environment, the MHS administration has struggled to find variations of previous in-person school rules. For example, punishment for coming into a class after the bell has translated to a punishment for entering a Google Meet after the teacher notices the time on their laptop. As simple as it sounds, this regulation has actually incited controversy amid the student body. Alleged late-comers argue that many teachers' outdated laptops have clocks that are slightly ahead or behind, making for an unfair tardy on hundreds of students' attendance records.

Similarly, MHS administration has struggled to translate in-person dress codes to a virtual environment. The Board of Education began meeting to discuss the issue of virtual dress codes in early December. In the beginning of the sessions, several board members argued that during each class, students should be required to back away from the camera so that teachers can make sure that students aren't wearing pajamas. This idea was quickly shot down when the board realized that to enact a rule, members themselves are required to do a test-run: they all refused to back away from the camera as they were all, incidentally, wearing pajama pants.

After a month of deliberation, members finally found a way to enforce a virtual dress-code: camera angles. Since they found it difficult to actually ensure that students were wearing appropriate clothing, they decided to hide the attire instead. What a classic Millburn strategy! Way to stay consistent, MHS!

So, now that the rule has been set in stone, it's up to students to follow it! MHS students, will you be respecting the new camera angle rule?

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