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Millburn Deli Customer Does NOT Order The Godfather

By Stephen Cheng |

At 4:15 pm on Friday April 3rd, an impassioned commotion erupted at the Millburn Deli. A male customer of 17 entered the crowded deli, and, in front of everyone, (even the children) said he wanted Chicken Parm. Not the Godfather, but Chicken Parm.

Ranging from outraged to frightened, these witnesses agreed to share their reactions:

“I thought I misheard him the first time he said he wanted a… what do you call it? A Chicken's Arm?" - Franco Kieth, age 47

“Who does this guy think he is? What, he thinks he’s too good for the Godfather? What a jerk.” - Aaron Stevens, age 22

“This guy… he’s not normal. He… he’s dangerous. You gotta stay away from him.” - John Gregory, age 76.

“I didn’t even know there was more than one item on the menu” - Hark Mubertus, age 9

“OMG, I was so so scared. He was standing right next me! I could tell there was something off about him from the jump. And his little chicken parm fiasco confirmed that. ” - Sydney Zimmerman, age 13

We at The Pasquinade spoke to some employees at the Deli. After some prodding, they admitted that they, in fact, did not know how to make a Chicken Parm sandwich. They had only received enough training to make the Godfather.

What a dilemma!

We can't be sure who exactly is in the wrong, but what we do know for sure is that this day will most definitely live in infamy. The day of the Chicken Parm. Spooky!

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