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New Reports Predict Next Pop Music Trend Will Be 1700s Sea Shanties

By Ashley Wang | National News |

Pop music has been referencing decades from the recent past for a while. Songs like Normani’s “Motivation” call back to the 106 and Park era of the 2000s, records like “Finesse” by Bruno Mars are a throwback to new jack swing in the 90s, and albums from The Weeknd and Dua Lipa this year have brought back the sound of the 80s. But a new report from Rolling Stone predicts that 2020 listeners are looking to go back even further into the past, long before music videos and streaming services even existed.

A few centuries ago, sailors often sang sea shanties to keep up morale while doing repetitive work. Naturally, Rolling Stone believes that high school and college students are the demographic most likely to see a spike in sea shanty enthusiasts. What’s more, the lively accordion-like sounds of sea shanties offer a perfect solution to quarantine fatigue. Why go out to parties when you can stay at home, answer emails, and save lives while worrying that you’re about to die yourself from scurvy?

We at The Pasquinade look forward to hearing fiddles on Z100 and seeing “Unknown Deceased Sailors” top the Billboard charts.

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