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Parents Sent Raw Turkeys To Entire Family via Amazon, In Attempt To "Contribute In Any Way Possible"

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

The CDC has very reasonably and vehemently warned against traveling for Thanksgiving. With the absence of normal family plans, people are feeling deprived of their usual involvement in their family's lives. For so many, Thanksgiving is a singularly important and rare opportunity to spend time with children who have moved away long ago.

With that in mind, the parents pictured above, Jeff and Irene Robinson, have found a creative way to stay involved. They decided to send raw turkeys to every family member that would usually come to their house! How innovative! We at The Pasquinade had the opportunity to speak with icons Jeff and Irene, to gain further insight into their genius idea.

Irene told us, "You know, usually, at a normal Thanksgiving, we'll all be in the kitchen, Robbie, Sarah, and M-, Mol-, M-, Jeff what's his name? Malcolm, that's it. I was so sad that we wouldn't get that bonding experience this year, and that's when Jeff suggested sending ingredients via amazon!"

Jeff chimed in, "Yes, I knew right away that this was the perfect idea. I knew it was a thoughtful gesture, sending a raw turkey. You can imagine the looks on everyone's face when they open up the package. They'll be elated! And touched. Who wouldn't be?"

Right on, Jeff! We at The Pasquinade would love to receive raw turkeys one day! Irene and Jeff, we salute you for your creative Thanksgiving innovations.

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