Pitch Perfect 4 Generates Oscar Buzz

By Anusha Veluri |

Critics are reveling at the near ~perfect~ execution of Pitch Perfect 4.

Although it has not been released in theaters yet, producers are screening the movie at select locations throughout Los Angeles. The film is being hailed as an irreverent yet tender masterpiece. Revered film critic Stephen Bing had this to say, "I feel that this piece has perfectly captured the whims and fancies of modern day society. The way that they mixed Nicki Minaj AND Dua Lipa into one of their routines; It perfectly exemplifies the nonsensical contradictions and diametric oppositions that are inevitable in today's world. Beautiful."

The plot is riveting, while the humor diverges from the juvenile jokes of past Pitch Perfect movies, and becomes a first-tier, unpretentious yet sophisticated take on professional acapella. The film also has a lachrymose touch, and certain moments are sure to tug on your heart strings. Pitch Perfect 4 is a must see, and it will surely leave you wanting to join a collegiate acapella group!