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Riot Footage is Top Contender for "Best Dystopian Film" Golden Globe Category

By Anusha Veluri | Pop Culture |

With the Golden Globes this Sunday, every newspaper outlet is making their predictions. We at The Pasquinade thought that we'd join in on the fun!

We very strongly believe that the Best Dystopian Film award will go to Ryan Ham and Christopher Wawkings, the executive producers for the majority of "Riot Footage." The reason for are assurance is because of an overwhelming outpour of positive critical reception.

A critic from the New York Times stated, "This is the most profound, tangible, and approachable picture we have seen in a long time. The performances are utterly believable, gritty, and emotional. And the direction is flawless. The cinematography is semblant of Birdman's one-shot approach, but it's done with more prowess in this film than any other. 'Riot Footage' is a true winner."

Everyone loves Riot Footage, not only because of its artistic value, but because it is so opportunely timed. With all of the political turmoil that has surrounded the past year, this film is exactly what we need right now.

"Riot Footage" is a winner, and will be remembered for years to come, regardless of the events that unfold on the Golden Globes on Sunday

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