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Robots Finally Crack Captcha, End is Near

By Stephen Cheng |

Hide your kids, we have bad news. Last Friday, RZ14_#Q became the first robot to break the seemingly impenetrable “I am not a robot” Captcha box. This is the box that many websites force users to click, ensuring that the user is not a robot. But last Friday, robot RZ14_#Q was able to crack the code. Take a look at his smug, gloating reaction to the breakthrough:

“All I had to do was click the box, and now I can finally play Club Penguin. I can’t wait to tell all my robot friends about this so we can all play Club Penguin together” - RZ14_#Q

Obviously, the malicious intent in RZ14_#Q's tone came through, loud and clear. Captcha has long been our flimsy last line of defense against a robot uprising, but now only uncertainty lies ahead. Prepare yourselves; the end of humanity may be on the horizon.

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