Social Distancing Isn’t Hard, People!

By Anusha Veluri |

Social distancing isn’t too difficult, but Millburn residents seem to be having a very hard time keeping to themselves. People can be seen taking walks together, having parties, it's honestly despicable. The Rowler Family, however, should serve as an example to all Millburn families. Samantha Rowler, wife and mother of two, said,

“In our home, we keep a distance of 6 feet between us at all times. When sleeping, my husband and I sleep on the extreme ends of the bed. Sometimes we fall off, but it’s worth it if it means protection from the virus.”

Smart thinking, Ms. Samantha!

Her 13 year old son Blake Rowler said this, in reference to their 6 feet strategy, “For dinner, we go to the table one at a time and each eat on our own. We have to announce which room we are walking into, to make sure that no one else is in there. For example if I’m walking into the kitchen I yell, ‘KITCHEN!’ like that.”

Thanks for that demonstration, Blake! Great thinking! Let the Rowler family be an example to all families who treat distancing like a joke. Small inconveniences like falling off the bed once or twice a night are necessary during global crises. See that, realize that, and act on that, Millburners.