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Taylor Swift Says She Is Also Running For President, To "Win This, Once And For All"

By Anusha Veluri | National News |

Kanye and Swift's infamous feud has been played out on national television, illegally recorded phone calls, and social media. Now, Swift declared, it's time to 'take this to The Hill.'

Swift is running as a Democrat, and does acknowledge that her participation in the election will be detrimental to the entire Democratic party as it will inevitably give the win to Trump, but she valiantly says, "honestly, I don't really like to get involved in politics, it's a little too, like, controversial for me. All I know, is that this feud is the most important thing on my mind, and on American citizens' minds, right now."

Swift has announced another reason for her decision is the 'balancing out of musical genres.' She says, "I mean, Kanye's got rap, hip hop, and gospel kind of covered. What about pop, synth pop, country, and singer-songwriter music? Should we, as Americans, as bastions of so-called equality, allow these genres to be overlooked? Let me be your voice, pop fans."

Swift then bursts into song, and brings her audience to tears. Well, Americans? Who will you be voting for? It's most definitely a tough decision, with over-qualified, seemingly perfect candidates.

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