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The Pasquinade Provides: Let Your CHILD Take The Reigns

By Stephen Cheng |

Sick of your kids not caring about what you think and openly defying you when you tell them to do something? There is a smart fix.

Your kids, like many other children, have the tendency to do the exact opposite thing you tell them to do. See if you can relate: When you tell your teenage son to clean his room, he refuses. When you ask him to do homework, he plays video games instead.

You can use your child’s simple-minded resistance authority to your advantage. Instead of telling them to do what you want, tell them to do what THEY want, and voilà. They will not be able to resist doing what you want them to do. Tell them that they don't have to clean their room, and they will clean their room. Tell them to play video games, and they will surely do homework instead. It’s that easy!

If you think the trick will backfire and your children will continue to do what they want to do, just look at the data. According to a recent survey, 100% of all teenagers said with complete confidence that this method was foolproof and advocated for its use.

Stick to this advice and your child will become a model young adult in no time.

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