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Trump Declares Gas Stations Nonessential Businesses

By Mark Hubertus |

This morning, President Trump signed an executive order closing all gas stations across the country indefinitely. Calling gas pumps a ‘breeding ground’ for the virus, the president reportedly said that gas stations were ‘nonessential’ since most people used electric cars anyway. “If you’re still using a car that needs gas, you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get an electric one, just like the rest of us.”

Several nurses, doctors, and first responders expressed their concern online, claiming that they "cannot do their jobs, now."

Harsh words!

Although President Trump has faced sever backlash for his new policy, we here at The Pasquinade want to look at both sides of the issue. According to a recent study, Trump’s decision to close the gas stations will decrease greenhouse emissions in the US by about 10%.


Clearly, we need to stop listening to mass hysteria online and start looking at the facts. Sure, a small group of people can’t get around anymore, but does that outweigh the benefit to the environment? We think not.

Obviously, those nurses and doctors need to be quiet because they have no idea what they’re talking about. President Trump is a clairvoyant individual who would not enforce legislation that was harmful, and that’s a fact!

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