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Trump’s Phrase ‘Chinese Virus’ is Nothing New

By Anusha Veluri |

People have recently lashed out at Trump’s brazenly xenophobic rhetoric in reference to a virus that has no relation to nationality. Little do those people know that Trump has been using that kind of rhetoric all of his life! White House Representative Gina Wahlberg tells us,

“The president refers to everything by its nationality. Always has. If he sees a table he’ll say ‘Let’s sit down at this—what is it uhh— Italian table. Nice Italian table we have here,’ even if he has no idea where it's actually from. He refers to avocados as 'Those Mexican fruits.' He calls his wife, ‘That Slovenian woman.’ Sometimes I wonder if he even knows her name.”

It’s Melania, silly Mr. Donald! Obviously, the president is so so racist! But that's nothing new! Let's also focus on old examples his racism, not just the most recent one.

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