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Was COVID Actually A Blessing In Disguise?

By Syon Lee |

Although COVID-19 does have its downsides, it also has its assets. We can't ignore those! Our newfound free time has exposed us to joys that we never could have experienced before.

First, COVID has pushed our creativity to new limits. New innovations have arisen from both our abundance of time, and our lack of purpose. One of the most notable creations: whipped coffee (also knows as Dalgona coffee) was created! It is a transformative, ground-breaking twist on regular coffee. A true phenomenon. Making whipped coffee requires patience, diligence, and grit.

We at The Pasquinade asked Herry Nuit, coffee expert, to speak on his relationship with whipped coffee.

Herry Nuit: “I like to make whipped coffee about 5 times a day.”

Pasquinade: “Wow that’s a lot! Why do you make it so much?”

Herry Nuit: “It distracts me from the fact that I am now unemployed and lost my dream job to COVID. The sweetness and the foamy texture of the whipped coffee is truly diverting.

Pasquinade: “That is amazing! Good for you! Whipped coffee will go down in the recipe books.”

COVID-19 has helped us create such monumental inventions. Whipped coffee teaches us valuable qualities and helps alleviate pain. Thank you COVID-19 for pushing our boundaries and giving us the time to create inventions that help our world! Humanity will never be the same.

All we can say is, thanks!

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